2022 Promotions

Watermelon Queens
The Georgia Watermelon Queen Tour is part of the overall promotional effort of the Georgia Watermelon Association to increase sales. The Queen spends the year traveling to cities throughout Georgia and the nation, talking to people in supermarkets, at fairs and festivals, telling everyone about the nutritional benefits, and economical values of watermelon.

Watermelon Recipes
Georgia Watermelon Association has also comprised a list of watermelon recipes. We post seasonal favorites from time to time here so please check back frequently for new recipe postings. Each recipe contains detailed instructions on how to make it and the required ingredients.  You can also access recipes HERE

2022 Queen Promotional Tour

The GWA is very fortunate to have Adahy Pritchett serving as their public relations representative this year!  She is excited to be out and about in retail stores, schools, Truist Park, ATL & Co interview, athletic events and other venues sharing the health and nutritious benefits of this sweet and tasty fruit.   

GWA Promotional Campaign

Throughout each year the GWA works to serve the industry all year long.  Here are a few snapshots of how the association is advertising and marketing watermelon through social media, billboards,  sponsoring at large athletic events, Nascar with Ross Chastain and many other industry opportunities.

Billboard For Website Pic Of Mobile Ad For Website Queen Watermelon Decor.
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